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Dear Parents / Guardians:-

Happy wishes to you all for Happy Christmas-Day & Happy New Year 2022.

Office will remain opened during holidays for its usual Business.

For you all

JDIA provides you lot of study related services for the Students which is the best task for all these methods are so nice which are being used by the Students from all over the World, We know about perfect method for all those whoever want to learn about all this.
Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, parents will have to take on more of the responsibility to ensure that their children get a quality education. Many schools will be operating on a remote learning program to some degree, but for such a program to be successful, parents need to organize their homes to be conducive to learning by making sure the home environment has everything their children need. All the Subjets are tought by our experienced Teachers who have lot of knowledge about the Subject like Mathematics, English, Science, Hindi, S. St. and so on.
An American language is most important language to speak suppose that you are going any part or any corner of the world and you are not knowing any other language besides English language then you can ask anything using indicating language like if you are hungry then you can indicate your stomach using your right hand you can indicate your mouth to say it I am hungry now then that particular person will give you something to eat. English is a global Language it does not have any Matra like Hindi, Urdu, Arabic etc. that's that's why it is not complicated to speak it is easy to learn if you are attending our Blog post daily then I will make you understand about English language and after completing 15 days you can speak this particular language easily.
एक अमेरिकी भाषा बोलने के लिए सबसे महत्वपूर्ण भाषा है मान लीजिए कि आप दुनिया के किसी भी हिस्से या किसी भी कोने में जा रहे हैं और आप अंग्रेजी भाषा के अलावा किसी अन्य भाषा को नहीं जान रहे हैं तो आप संकेत देने वाली भाषा का उपयोग करके कुछ भी पूछ सकते हैं जैसे कि अगर आप भूखे हैं तो आप संकेत कर सकते हैं आपका पेट आपके दाहिने हाथ का उपयोग करके आप अपने मुँह से संकेत कर सकते हैं यह कहने के लिए कि मैं अब भूखा हूँ तो वह विशेष व्यक्ति आपको खाने के लिए कुछ देगा। अंग्रेजी एक वैश्विक भाषा है जिसमें हिंदी, उर्दू, अरबी आदि जैसी कोई भी मातृभाषा नहीं है। इसीलिए इसे बोलना जटिल नहीं है, यह सीखना आसान है अगर आप रोजाना हमारे ब्लॉग पोस्ट में भाग ले रहे हैं तो मैं आपको अंग्रेजी भाषा के बारे में बताऊंगा और 15 दिन पूरे करने के बाद आप इस विशेष भाषा को आसानी से बोल सकते हैं।
Here we are giving admission to below average students and bringing up an excellent persons. It is really a challenge. Keeping this bare truth, in my mind, a lot of curricular and co-curricular activities are coined in curricula and implemented throughout the academic year. Response of students are excellent But we are not satisfied. Because we know miles to go to make our students a successful individual in any corner of this globe. At a time when it’s hard to find moments of everyday joy during the school year, a leading nonprofit organization has given high schools reason to celebrate. The third annual GreatSchools College Success Award recognizes schools that provide a strong foundation for their students to build pathways after graduation. This is the only national award that uses education data to identify schools that prepare their students not only to enroll in college, but return for a second year and succeed in college-level coursework.This year GreatSchools presented the 2020 award to 1,178 schools in the states that connect postsecondary data to high school information. The College Success Awards also offer a glimpse into the best practices woven into the fabric of these schools, from ensuring rigorous academics are widely available to providing 1:1 college counseling for every student.As the pandemic continues to threaten the financial stability of the nation and disrupt opportunities for young people, these award-winning high schools can offer hope to communities looking for strength to recover from devastating loss. The College Success Award helps the entire learning community understand which schools in their area adequately prepare students to graduate, enroll in college, and succeed once they get there.Schools are complex. They succeed (and stumble) in many different ways — but this award seeks to highlight successes that might not otherwise be seen. At Veterans Memorial High School in Brownsville, Texas, success includes encouraging all students — 92 percent of whom are low-income — to explore the school’s 13 dual-enrollment classes. At Newark’s North Star Academy, after research showed low-income graduates lacked college-savvy support, the school created an alumni department that offers coaching to college freshmen to help them adjust to their new life.These are just a few of the best practices the College Success Award reveals. Parents and school leaders can find out if their school won an award and explore more insights about how to look for schools engaging in practices that will help their child succeed.
The upcoming school year will be like nothing teachers, students, and families have ever experienced, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic steers school systems to embrace online learning and incorporate it in new ways.However, school systems across the country are rising to the challenge and staying connected to their students with dynamic digital resources, such as those from Discovery Education.Since the beginning of the pandemic, school systems across the country have invested in digital services like Discovery Education Experience because they support students’ education at home, in the classroom or wherever learning is taking place.Experience – Discovery Education’s flexible K-12 learning platform – connects educators to a vast collection of compelling high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, and professional learning resources. Together, these resources give educators everything they need to facilitate instruction in any learning environment and create lasting educational impact."Discovery Education is committed to keeping students and teachers connected to learning at home or in school," says Scott Kinney, Discovery Education’s president of K-12 Education."To accomplish that, we partner with school systems to provide students and teachers the digital resources – such as Discovery Education Experienc – they need for success during this school year and beyond."In addition, to providing school systems digital resources Discovery Education provides teachers the professional development they need to use new technologies and maximize their school district’s technology investment. Discovery Education has a long history as a global leader in digital curricula that align with the current standards for K-12 education, and their products include digital textbooks, multimedia resources, and professional learning for educators.Visit discoveryeducation.com for more information about the company’s resources to determine whether your local school district is making Discovery Education materials available to their students for the upcoming school year.
There are so many schools in the settlement but we are committed to providing the best way to success. You need your help to provide the best way of education in the township. new things with subject study Like Game, Project Creation, Computer and other activity analysis by experienced Teachers who have a lot of knowledge in their Subjects. Your Children can learn the given things very quickly and adopt all the valuable knowledge to be a good person in their life after completing their Dreams. JDIA provides you the way to learn lot of things easily that's way provides Digital Class for all students. Jai Devi Indian Academy also provides you the way to learn about the basics of Computer Hardware, Software and Networking. All the taught things can be learnt easily because of experienced Computer Teacher who provides the best knowledge about Computer to your Children using this way If they have any problem then the can ask the Question. All staff and management of JDIA are very well.


Mr. Rajesh Upadhyay, B.C.A.